V Workshop on Novel Methods for Electronic Structure Calculations

First Announcement
This is the fifth edition of the series of Workshops that take place in La Plata, Argentina, in the last years. In this occasion the Workshop will be held in Montevideo-Uruguay, particularly in Facultad de Química-Universidad de la República in December 3 – 5, 2013.
The agenda of the meeting is still open; please visit the web page to see the news.


It is important to remind that people interested in participating should register in the meeting via the website.
Several local agencies have funded the Workshop: Agencia Nacional de Investigación e Innovación ANII, Programa de Desarrollo de Ciencias Básicas (PEDECIBA), CINQUIFIMA Espacio Interdisciplinario-UdelaR and Facultad de Química.
This meeting was jointly developed by Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay. For this reason we suggest that participants from these countries, contact the local organizers  for financial aid. The local organization is working to achieve reduced rates at hotels in the city. That information will be included in the website as soon as possible.
We wish to highlight important points related to the meeting:
The purpose of the meeting, is to perform an exhaustive description of first principles methods and the advantages of the study of materials using them, to emphasize the importance of the ab-initio methods to predict structural, electric, magnetic, electronic properties, etc., and in general, to study physical properties of solids. Furthermore, the purpose of this activity is to discuss some of these widely used computational methods to obtain information regarding electronic structure. Its aim is to discuss about the state of the art of the modern techniques on first principles calculation, focusing on material
science. The seminar will be carried out with the contribution of foreign and local lecturers. Oral expositions of advanced students and recent PhD’s are also being encouraged to participate.
The purpose is to establish relationships and cooperation to make possible the
generation of new projects and for training human resources.

Thanks to the support of sponsors the event will have a reasonable number of
scholarships, which could help with accommodation. To request support, please indicate this when you register.


  • Methods for electronic structure calculations.
  • Computational Material Science
  • Magnetism and Magnetic Materials
  • Materials for Energy
  • Surface Science
  • Highly Correlated Materials


  • Dr. Ricardo Faccio (U. de La República, Urug.)
  • Dr. Eitel L. Peltzer y Blancá. (UNLP, La Plata)
  • Dr. Helena Petrilli (U. de San Pablo, Brasil)
  • Dr. Gonzalo Gutierrez (U. de Chile)


  • Facultad de Química – UdelaR
  • Centro Interdisciplinario en Nanotecnología y Física y Química de Materiales de la
  • UdelaR (CINQUIFIMA).
  • Agencia Nacional de Investigación e Innovación (ANII)


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